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Staying true to farming traditions while keeping family farms and large-scale operations viable is a tricky prospect. The world is changing, and it’s important for Irish producers to adapt practices that protect their livelihoods and amplify their profits. If farmers are going to effectively walk that tightrope, they’ll need to explore innovations in animal science that they might have overlooked in the past.

To that end, we recommend you explore seaweed as a feed supplement. Some farmers have been using this natural resource for decades but may not grasp all the different uses and benefits that research has uncovered in recent years. Here are some of the insights and breakthroughs we’ve seen when it comes to using seaweed as a livestock feed supplement.


How to Overcome Heat Stress in Dairy Cows During Irish Heatwaves

This past summer, temperatures across Ireland rose to dangerous levels with a national Status Yellow warning and six counties reaching Status Orange levels. For dairy farmers trying to keep their cows healthy and productive, this posed a particular challenge as cows ate less and used more energy to keep cool. The good news is that farmers using the right feed ingredients can help their dairy cattle better manage their body temperature while maintaining profitable milk production.

Discover how to keep dairy cows


How You Can Raise Healthier, More Resilient Pigs with Seaweed Supplements

One sick animal can spread disease to the rest of your otherwise healthy sounder. Irish pork producers have dealt with that reality first-hand this year while trying to limit the spread of African Swine Flu and other microscopic terrors to swine populations from decimating their livestock. More than just prevention, it’s important to give your swine the nutrients and organic compounds to fight back. Here’s how seaweed like Ascophyllum nodosum may help their immune system.

Learn how to raise resilient pigs


How Kelp Meal for Chickens Produces Stunning & Nutritious Eggs

Across Ireland, people are eating more eggs. Whether part of the full Irish breakfast or a pre-workout routine, consumers want eggs with a rich and vivid colour. Farmers achieve darker yolks by providing their flock with a reliable source of nutrients and organic compounds. Here’s how seaweed products like Titan® for Animals can help you achieve that goal.

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Are you looking to stay current with the latest innovations in animal science and seaweed research? Follow our Titan® blog for a combination of information about scientific analysis as well as sustainable practices and the local Irish community.


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