Stewardship & Sustainability


A renewable resource can last indefinitely – if companies and individuals manage and harvest it with respect and care. Native to Western Ireland, Ascophyllum nodosum is valued around the world. We need to ensure its protection. At Arramara, we understand our role in the stewardship and sustainability of this valuable natural resource, and take it seriously. That is why we perform sustainable resource management at every level of our organization, carefully co-operating with local Harvesters in maintaining the supply of native Irish seaweed that helps our business and local communities prosper.


At Arramara, here’s how we continue to preserve Irish seaweed for future generations:

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Sustainable Seaweed Harvesting

Our sustainable practices start with the harvest. Collaborating with our local Harvesters, we encourage both traditional and alternative harvesting methods to ensure Arramara’s Feamainn bhuí supply is always gathered with sustainability in mind.


Ongoing Scientific Research

For sustainable resource management to work, it needs to be rooted in current, rigorous marine science. That’s why we continually conduct research on Ascophyllum nodosum, incorporating field studies from our local experts and intensive analyses from our colleagues at Acadian Seaplants to create industry-leading sustainability methods.

Partnership with Ireland’s Stakeholders

Overharvesting is a threat to any undomesticated resource. By collaborating with agencies, departments, societies, universities and communities, Arramara advocates practices that will prevent the overharvesting of Feamainn bhuí while respecting local traditions.


Our Resource Scientists in the Field

Sustainability is a full-time job. Our Resource Scientists closely monitor Ascophyllum nodosum along the West Coast of Ireland to ensure the ongoing health and biomass of this essential renewable resource.


Want to learn more about our sustainable practices?

More than a business, Arramara is a family, building a sustainable future for Ireland

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Sustainable harvesting and resource management can keep Irish seaweed a renewable resource