Titan® for Animals


Every animal depends upon a steady, reliable source of nutrients to maintain overall health and wellbeing. With Titan® for Animals feed material as part of their diet, livestock, show animals and pets will receive most of their nutritional needs from one rich, all-natural source. The brown seaweed in our Irish kelp meal (Ascophyllum nodosum) has proven time and again, through scientific research and tradition, to improve the health and performance of animals. Boost feed nutrition in every bite with Titan® for Animals.


The Science


What do vitamins and minerals provide for your animals? These nutrients help perform numerous functions:

  • Building tissues and bones
  • Regulating metabolism
  • Healing wounds
  • Promoting a healthy immune system

Since most animal’s bodies do not produce all of their essential vitamins and minerals, they need a rich source of those nutrients in their diet. Ascophyllum nodosum sustainably harvested off the West Coast of Ireland is a clean, bioavailable source of vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Advantages of Titan® for Animals


Titan® for Animals is full of readily absorbed, naturally balanced vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements that promote the health of your animals. Our 100% natural feed supplement:

  • Builds your animals’ resistance to disease by ensuring a complete balance of micronutrients
  • Fortifies animals’ enzymes, hormones and cells with an organic, more easily assimilated source of trace elements
  • Assists nutrient absorption, healthy growth and animal performance
  • Maintains healthy intestinal functions by providing essential roughage

Through our quality-driven processes, Titan® for Animals offers the best of nature’s harvest while maintaining a clean and safe product for your animals to consume.


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