Titan® for Crops


Faced with global demand, commercial growers need a soil conditioner replete with key minerals and trace elements to foster health and resilience in their crops. That’s why growers from around the world trust Titan® for Crops to boost their marketable yield and profitability. Our nutrient-rich seaweed soil conditioner improves the size, quality and shelf life of the fruits, vegetables and flowers it feeds.


The Science


Nutrients and trace minerals are absorbed by root systems and are then circulated through the stem and leaves to foster comprehensive plant health. That is why the surrounding soil of any plant needs to be fortified with a nutrient rich soil conditioner.


Using Ascophyllum nodosum sustainably harvested from the clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean imbues our seaweed soil conditioner with the compounds that cultivate plants from root to leaf. The right balance of nutrients and trace elements in Irish seaweed:

  • Boosts the growth of a well-developed root system
  • Creates the optimum conditions for peak photosynthesis and respiration
  • Facilitates the production of necessary sugars, proteins and organic acids
  • Resists fungal infections and pests
  • Protects against varying environmental stresses
  • Delays aging and senescence of plant cells
  • Nourishes plants at the cellular level


Advantages of Titan® for Crops


Titan® for Crops is a 100% natural seaweed soil conditioner that enhances the quality, production and profitability of crops worldwide. Our highly nutritional crop product:

  • Encourages root, leaf and plant growth and development by increasing the uptake of soil nutrients
  • Stimulates greater seed vigour and germination
  • Enables optimum conditions for greater fruit set yield
  • Boosts resistance to various pests, blights and crop stresses
  • Increases produce quality, shelf life and the profitability of crop yields


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