Our Harvesters


The seaweed we use has many names, but no matter what you call it, we rely on a steady supply of this natural, renewable resource to thrive. It’s only through the long-running relationship we’ve fostered with Harvesters along the West Coast of Ireland that we have been able to create rewarding jobs and produce high-quality seaweed products sold locally and all around the world.

A Past, Present and Future Tied to Seaweed


Seaweed harvesting has existed for centuries in Western Ireland to provide local communities and their crops with rich nutrients. When Arramara began operations in 1947, we created an opportunity to transform this traditional practice into one that brought greater economic benefits for residents of our coastal communities in the West.


Over the years, we have solidified ourselves as a reliable buyer of sustainably harvested Ascophyllum nodosum, providing Harvesters with a chance to make a living wage and support their families.

How Arramara Gives Back to our Harvesters


Hardworking Harvesters are critical to our operations and our communities. We are dedicated to providing them with the resources necessary to efficiently harvest local seaweed and make a comfortable living. That’s why at Arramara, we regularly pursue initiatives such as these to help our Harvesters in any way we can:

  • Promoting and encouraging safe practices so every Harvester returns home safely
  • Increasing the price paid to Harvesters for their seaweed
  • Making continuous improvements to landing sites along the coast and the harvest infrastructure to ensure greater safety and efficiency
  • Providing equipment needed for both traditional and alternative harvesting methods
  • Improving communication through our Harvester newsletter, showing them first-hand how their seaweed is processed and the products made
  • Introducing a Harvester engagement program to help build strong relationships
  • Hiring Resource Managers to provide support to the Harvesters

As we continue to grow Arramara, we will provide more benefits and continuously develop initiatives to help our Harvesters prosper with us and the communities of Western Ireland.


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More than a business, Arramara is a family, building a sustainable future for Ireland

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Sustainable harvesting and resource management can keep Irish seaweed a renewable resource