Resource Science


Irish seaweed, rich with essential nutrients from the North Atlantic’s cool and nourishing waters, is in more demand than ever. People worldwide are recognizing just how much Ascophyllum nodosum can contribute to the improved health and performance of their animals, crops and soil. To ensure that our native Feamainn bhuí remains available for future generations, we need to take action now and practice sustainable resource management.


For Arramara, sustainability is second nature. Our Employees are committed to scientific research, procuring from Harvesters who practice sustainable harvesting methods and responsible stewardship to ensure Ascophyllum nodosum continues to be a renewable resource and a fundamental part of the local ecosystem. See how we are helping to preserve Irish seaweed for the future.

Stewardship & Sustainability


We believe companies working with a natural resource have a responsibility to ensure its future sustainability. That’s why Arramara is dedicated to sustainable initiatives and practices to keep Irish marine plants available for generations.

Harvest Methods


Careful cultivation is essential to keeping Ascophyllum nodosum a renewable resource. Through traditional practices and modern resource science, Arramara ensures that our methods meet the highest standards for responsible harvesting and Irish marine plants remain an abundant resource and a healthy part of the local ecosystem.

Day in the Life of a Resource Scientist


What exactly does a Resource Scientist do? At Arramara, they safeguard the Irish seaweed and local ecosystem that are so important to our communities throughout the West Coast of Ireland.


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More than a business, Arramara is a family, building a sustainable future for Ireland

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Sustainable harvesting and resource management can keep Irish seaweed a renewable resource