Titan® Products


For centuries, farmers along the West Coast of Ireland have depended upon seaweed as a source of vital nutrients for their crops and their livestock. Nutrient rich brown algae was critical to their livelihood.


Today, through our Titan® Seaweed product line, Arramara provides consumers, growers and producers worldwide with the benefits of all-natural, sustainably harvested Ascophyllum nodosum. Learn how the 100% Irish seaweed found in our Titan® products can improve the health, resilience and wellbeing of your animals, crops and soil.

Titan® for Animals


Your pets, livestock and show animals deserve a balanced and healthy life. See how our safe, organic products foster their wellbeing.

Titan® for Crops


The profitability of your crops depends on consistent growth, resilience and yield. Find out how our certified organic supplements result in a healthier, more productive plant.

Titan® for Soil


Whether soil is regularly used for intensive commercial farming or being farmed for the first time, it needs an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Learn how our soil conditioner fortifies fields at the microbiological level.


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Sustainable harvesting and resource management can keep Irish seaweed a renewable resource

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