Titan® for Soil


Poor soil conditions have a negative impact on mineralization and reduce overall aeration, water absorption and nutrient retention. Before plants or turf can flourish, these soil deficiencies need to be corrected on a physical, chemical and biological level.


Titan® for Soil achieves this by fortifying soil with the microbiological building blocks necessary to encourage ideal plant growth and development. Our 100% organic, granular seaweed soil conditioner improves water intake and nutrient uptake so growers can mobilize their soil’s effectiveness and increase overall yield and performance.

The Science


Depending on the soil’s location and use, its composition will consist of a different combination of clay, sand and silt. Since most plants achieve their optimum growth in a nutrient-rich, loamy soil, conditioners are necessary to alter overall soil conditions. Alginates (which are unique to seaweeds) are proven to:

  • Improve the structure of clay soils
  • Increase the water holding capacity of sandy soils
  • Develop growing media on land that contains no soil
  • Boost the abundance of over 60 trace elements for healthy plant growth

titan-certified soil

Advantages of Titan® for Soil


Titan® for Soil is an all-natural Ascophyllum nodosum soil conditioner that improves soil quality on a physical, biological and chemical level. Our microbial-friendly, top dressing:

  • Encourages effective moisture retention that enables seeds to germinate
  • Holds soil in place on steep slopes to minimize the impact of erosion
  • Improves cation exchange capacity, repairing the overall soil chemistry
  • Enables manageable growth through the gentle release of nutrients into the soil
  • Accelerates the breakdown of compost to release nutrients and create rich, loamy soil


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