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All over Ireland, people are eating more eggs. Last year, 705 million eggs were sold nationwide, up from 656 million the previous year. More than just fulfilling a cornerstone of the full Irish breakfast, eggs are proving to be a quick meal for working folks or a pre-workout boost for sporty types. Yet no matter who you are, when you buy an egg, you want one that puts the orange in the tricolour  flag to shame.

More than just looking appetizing when you fry them up, darker yolks offer nutritional value that people are starting to expect again from their meals. The right chicken feed supplements can endow yolk with richer pigmentation and greater nutrition, especially when you’re using kelp meal for chickens in your feed regimen. Here’s why our seaweed for animals are the right fit.


Healthy Birds Produce Healthy Eggs

The amount of omega-3s in your hens’ diets play a significant part in their overall performance. Birds with a steady supply of fatty acid have enough of these essential building blocks of the body to stay at peak healthiness and pass extra nutrients along to their eggs. When chickens can eat an abundant source of omega-3s, like knotted wrack seaweed in their diets, they can pass those nutrients along in their unfertilized eggs.

Moreover, what your chickens eat can make their GI tract more resilient. Since chickens are scavengers and will eat just about anything you put in front of them, it’s easy for them to ingest harmful organisms or even feed toxin that can impair their health and performance. Any supplement to their feed regimen should act as a counterbalance.

The omega-3s included in kelp meal for chicken can overcome oxidative stress on their GI tract, improving their overall digestive function. Additionally, the prebiotics that are rich in seaweed feed good gut microbes to help chickens prevent harmful microorganisms from taking hold.  


How Kelp Meal for Chicken Makes Golden Yolks

A healthy bird is only a starting point. Once a chicken’s health requirements have been met, it’s important, as we’ve said, that they pass along the right nutrients to their eggs. In a study of Leghorn chickens, laying hens were given an all-natural seaweed supplement to provide them with ample amounts of omega-3 within their overall diet.

As a result, the eggs from these hens improved in egg yolk colour, albumen height, and lipid content without changing the overall taste for consumers. Whether keeping laying hens on a high-volume chicken farm or keeping a few birds aback  of your property, that’s great news. It ensures that every egg leaves your customers with a golden impression – and a craving for more.


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