Operations (Resource) Manager – Mayo/Donegal Ireland


Arramara Teoranta, Ireland’s premium seaweed processor, is located in Connemara on the West Coast in County Galway.  The company has been involved in the production of quality dried seaweed since 1947. Arramara provides products for the alginate, agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture industries.  The company has a proud history of success with its dedicated staff and strong community ties.


The Role:

The Resource Manager (RM) is responsible to support Harvester & Haulier relationships at all times.  The RM will support the Resource Management and Procurement Plans in Counties Galway, Mayo, Donegal and Clare known as “The Territory” to assure delivery of budget.  The RM plans and manages the securing of the Ascophyllum nodosum (“Asco”) resource and will retain, recruit, train and direct the appropriate number of Harvesters to ensure that budgeted amounts of Asco are acquired while ensuring a safe and sustainable seaweed harvest.


This position is critical for the success of Arramara delivering their social, commercial and environmental responsibilities.


The Key Technical Responsibilities:


  • Work with the VP of Resource Management to prepare and submit for approval yearly harvest management plans detailing harvesting landing sites, sector harvesting budgets and limits, closed and open sectors, study sites, long-term closed areas, resource monitoring and control, policing and compliance plans, data collection, reporting on Harvester Kick-Off meeting participation.
  • Administrative: Assist with the tracking and scheduling of incoming loads to the factory and ensure that payment details are accurate for payroll. Ensure that payment methods made to harvesters is accurate and that harvesters receive payment on a timely basis.  Assist with the tracking of support systems (equipment loans, etc.) for harvesters and the accuracy of statements/accounts with harvesters.
  • Harvest: Ensure loads are booked properly, pre-inspections are completed and Quality Assurance processed are followed.  Provide feedback and analysis to harvesters on raw material quality.
  • Training and Compliance: The identification of Harvesters for boat and rake based on internal review and qualifications. Ensure training and compliance of health and safety and marine regulations of all harvesters and equipment.  Ensuring compliance to existing policies, regulations and guidelines, as well as sector harvesting. 
  • Work in concert with the Resource Manager to ensure all harvest equipment is maintained in proper working order, included but not limited to safety equipment, cutting rakes, boats, motors, harvest platforms, loading devices, etc.
  • Work with the Resource Manager to establish and maintain logistics planning to assure seaweed is transported in a timely way to preserve quality; to assure Harvesters are satisfied with the efficiencies of haulage; to provide the factory with forward knowledge of seaweed scheduling so that production can be planned at least two weeks in advance; and that Hauliers continue to exclusively supply Arramara.
  • Work with the VP of Resource Management to prepare an annual budget encompassing all components of the marine harvest in the territory including the harvest plan for all raw material and the operational cost and expenses. Provide Arramara Office with collection of all harvest data and relative expenses to satisfy company requirements.
  • Assure Harvesters and Hauliers are treated with respect by Resource Management and all Arramara & affiliated Personnel.
  • Work with the VP of Resource Management in defining, implementing and completing the development of initiatives to earn and sustain allegiance and loyalty from Harvesters to Arramara and vice versa. The intention is to firmly establish earned reciprocal loyalty so that all Harvesters and Arramara are confident in the supply relationship Harvesters have with Arramara.
  • Work with the VP of Resource Management and Resource Science in developing and implementing a system that organizes a comprehensive understanding of: Quantities supplied by each Harvester on a quarterly and yearly basis; identification by-load and Harvester as to which landing site is used for each load; which Haulier hauls each load; dates of harvest, pickup and haulage of each load; plus overall harvest landings by area, landing sites and sectors; resource conservation and assessment information in harmony with the Resource Scientist.
  • Represent the company by participating in any management committees that may emerge, meetings with government agencies, fishermen’s organizations and other activities associated with potential stakeholders to establish and foster a proper corporate public image within the local communities and government.
  • Support the company’s vision and policies regarding Health & Safety, Corporate Culture, Environmental Management and the Progressive Excellence Program by displaying the appropriate behaviors and leadership towards meeting the company’s objectives in these areas.


  • Demonstrated people management ability and Resource Management experience in natural resources including fisheries, forestry or agriculture.
  • College or post-secondary studies (minimum of 2 years) in Natural Resource Environment Technology or a Bachelor of Science program.
  • Computer literacy or equivalent technical confidence to execute required management functions.
  • An ability to recruit, motivate and foster teamwork.
  • Proven ability to interact with local community and government officials.
  • Good interpersonal and organizational skills.  An ability to represent the best interests of the company to ensure quality, safety and efficiency in all aspects of the harvesting operation.  


Specific Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

The Resource Manager must have or obtain proficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • An ability to interface with internal and external contacts in a professional manner
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy
  • Strong leadership skills
  • An ability to reason and make judgment calls when required
  • Flexibility
  • Running of boats and outboard motors
  • Obtaining a budget and staying within operation budget costs
  • Building effective relationships between Harvesters
  • Knowledge of waterways and tides
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Team Building skills
  • Effective verbal and listening communication skills.
  • Stress management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Computer skills including the ability to operate spreadsheet and word processing programs
  • Conflict resolution, promoting teamwork, motivating people and delegating tasks


Working Conditions:

The Resource Manager may spend a certain amount of their time during the season on the coastal shores and on the water where applicable, assisting Harvesters in everyday activities and maintenance of bag sites. Work may involve lifting of materials and equipment of up to 100 lbs. Working in this environment requires the use of safety equipment to ensure safety on land and on the water.  In addition, much of the harvesting work is dependent on tides and tide schedules, thus flexibility and rigor is required in a daily work schedule.  A portion of this work is also administrative and requires attention to detail and a good working knowledge of computer skills.  This is not a regular day to day office job.




The successful candidate will have a proven supervisory track record in an operations environment.  The person will possess a strong understanding of the Harvest, Logistics and Coastal Fisheries of Counties Galway, Clare, Donegal and Mayo. The successful candidate will have proven experience in building and maintaining relationships with a variety of stakeholders, most importantly Harvesters, plus Hauliers, citizens, communities, civic leaders and local businesses. The successful candidate will have experience with industry related seawater equipment, small vessel operations, and general understanding of marine equipment and maintenance.

Conversational competency in Irish language is a requirement.

Fluency in written, spoken and technical Irish Language is desired/required.



The successful candidate must consistently display the characteristics of a Leader who believes in and values honest, positive interaction with Harvesters, Hauliers, Colleagues and Community Members.

The successful candidate must always use integrity and honesty in all dealings with everyone.

The person will have a capacity for establishing, building and maintaining trust with Harvesters, Hauliers, within the Organization, the Communities within the Territory and with all levels of Government and Agency as is required to succeed in this position.


Note: This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties that may be required to be performed by the Manager now or in the future. S/He will be required to follow any additional instructions deemed appropriate by the VP, Resource Management.


If this job sounds like it was made for you, we’d like to meet you.  To further explore this opportunity, just submit your application to Careers@arramara.ie


We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.