A Modern Perspective on Seaweed Resource Science: A Conversation with Micheál Mac Monagail


If you haven’t spent much time studying seaweed, you might be surprised by how complicated this marine resource can be. Different species have unique growing conditions, biological properties, and benefits to human beings. For an organization like Arramara Teoranta to truly understand the complexities of Ascophyllum nodosum and how our sustainable harvesting methods influence the […]

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Seaweed and Habitat Research to Commence


The author, Charlène Linderhof, is an Arramara / Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)-funded PhD student starting at the National University of Ireland, Galway this year. She will look at the impact of traditional sickle harvesting and boat and rake harvesting methods on seaweed and associated fauna. The following blog gives us some initial background on her […]

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