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Arramara is dedicated to customer service and ensuring that the Titan™ products manufactured from Irish seaweed are the best in the world. By improving the quality of the seaweed harvested and used to make value-added products, Arramara can compete within a global marketplace that demands only the best of the best.

“The quality of the Irish seaweed that grows along our west coast is second to none,” said Alan Considine, Plant Manager at Arramara. “By ensuring we use the freshest raw material available, we can assure Ireland’s seaweed products are always known for their quality.”

In early 2012, Arramara and Harvesters began an educational process to define what quality seaweed standards mean in their day-to-day harvesting and manufacturing activities. Our Resource Managers communicated how harvesting high quality, fresh seaweed results in more sustainable Harvester earnings and Ireland’s growing reputation as a top, global supplier of quality seaweed products.

“It has been encouraging to see Arramara and Harvesters working together on their quality enhancement projects to ensure Ireland’s products receive the global quality recognition they so rightly deserve,” Alan added.

About Arramara Teoranta

Arramara Teoranta is an Irish seaweed company that brings the finest value-added seaweed products to the world through time-honoured tradition and an ongoing commitment to sustainability. Our advocacy of sustainability, resource management and reliance on Harvesters who practice eco-friendly harvesting methods has helped keep seaweed abundant in our coastal Atlantic waters. We are serious about our impact and responsibility to the local ecosystem, our Employees, our Harvesters and the people of Connemara.