Author: Phillip Duong

Arramara Launches Quality Enhancement Plan for Titan® Products


Arramara is dedicated to customer service and ensuring that the Titan™ products manufactured from Irish seaweed are the best in the world. By improving the quality of the seaweed harvested and used to make value-added products, Arramara can compete within a global marketplace that demands only the best of the best. “The quality of the […]

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Arramara Expands Safety Measures for Employees


Employee safety is our number one priority at Arramara Teoranta. We believe safety is everyone’s business, whether they are our co-workers, contractors or guests. This practice has been embraced by people throughout Arramara and has been expressed in a number of constructive ways. For example, our people are mandated to report any situations where safety […]

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Arramara Beautification Project Honours Resource Heritage of Connemara


We believe that a strong company should be committed to helping build a strong community, in ways both large and small. That’s why we’re pleased that what originally started as a do-it-yourself gardening and landscaping project at the factory’s entrance, evolved into a thoroughly enjoyable and creative community project. Now, our facility looks amazing while […]

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